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China optical communication chip market rapid growth

Author : Date : 1/15/2013 1:45:22 AM
China optical communication chip market rapid growth of 3G, three networks fusion make all kinds of new network application gradually popularization, in the past, the network bandwidth has been unable to meet demand. Communication industry is undergoing from past voice communication service primarily to develop data business transformation, communication network data transmission volume growth. Due to the online video, hd TV, IPTV, P2P download and so on the new business development, the end user to bandwidth demand has been to 100 m/s upgrade. Cloud computing, mobile Internet and other new application forms of development will be the user online proportion and online time increases. In the backbone network, according to the China telecom estimates, the next 5 years backbone network flow to grow by 56% a year - 80%, therefore our country backbone network bandwidth need to expand ten to twenty times. In the access network, according to the CNNIC statistics, by the end of May 2010, the total number of Internet users has reached 420 million, 113 million broadband users, but the FTTx [7] users only for 23.2 million line, the proportion is very low. For example Beijing, broadband users are mainly used for 1 m of ADSL, download speed basic only sixty - 80 k/S.

Communication infrastructure construction by the Chinese government attaches great importance to each big operators have been accelerated optical communication network construction. The Chinese government will  make the next generation of the Internet, digital television network and the third generation mobile communication network as domestic demand for major investment direction, expected total investment more than 600 billion RMB. In April 2010, seven ministries issued "on promoting the optical fiber broadband network construction opinion", they will be in 3 years to fiber optic broadband network construction investment more than 150 billion RMB, and plan to 2011, FTTx users more than 80 million. In July 2010, three nets fusion pilot start, by 2012, the pilot area broadband access per capacity of more than 100 MB/S, urban new area will directly the deployment of fiber optic broadband, has built area to speed up the "light into the copper retreat" reform. In April 2010, work letter department and other departments issued "on promoting the third generation mobile communication network construction opinion", 2010-2011, 3 g network construction of total investment will reach 240 billion RMB.