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Female-Male Fiber-Optic Attenuator

Author : Date : 12/28/2012 11:06:30 PM

Female-Male fiber optic attenuator

We can offer fiber optic attenuators. We can produce Female-Male fiber optic attenuator, Online optic attenuator, Fixed fiber optic attenuator and Variable fiber optic attenuator. Contact us to get further price list and detail product datasheet.  


Fiber Optic Attenuator Ordering Information:

Product type: Female-Male fiber optic attenuator, Online optic attenuator, Fixed fiber optic attenuator, Variable fiber optic attenuator;

Fiber optic connector: FC, SC, LC, ST, MU,

Ferrule Interface type:  APC, PC, and UPC

Wavelength: single-mode 1310um/1550um; or dual wavelength; multimode 850um or dual wavelength

Attenuation values: 1 ~ 30dB


Characteristics of Female-Male type fiber optic attenuator

1. Attenuation of optical fiber doped metal ions reach the attenuation effect

2. Resistance to high-power light source

3. Light weight, small size, high accuracy, good stability, and a variety of forms, easy to use;


Female-Male fiber optic attenuator composition is composed by two different interfaces. One is a fiber optic patch cord interface with the ferrule, another is adapter interface. Usually, the interface like patch cord, we call it “Male interface”. Similarly, the interface is female if without ferrule.  Female-Male fiber optic attenuator is widely used to CATV, DWDM and OADM system. You can get more further message if email to