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Fiber optic connector type-2

Author : Date : 12/27/2012 10:37:45 PM

(4) DIN47256 type optic fiber connector
this is a developed by the German connector. This connector pins and coupling sleeve structure size and the same type of FC PC polishing end treatment. Compared with the FC type connector, its structure is more complicated because of the control pressure spring in the internal metal structure; it is possible to avoid too large Keying pressure and damage faces. Further, the mechanical accuracy of such a connector is high, and the insertion loss value is small.

(5) LC-type connectors
Famous Bell Institute of Research and Development invent the LC-type connectors. This connector is easy to operate modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism. The use of LC connector is ordinary too, just like SC, FC connector. But the size of LC connector is only half of above them. This can increase the density of the optic connector in optic patch panel. In terms of single-mode SFF LC type connectors actually have occupied a dominant position in growing multimode applications rapidly.

(6) MU-type connector
MU (Miniature unit Coupling) connector is based on a single core optic fiber connector; the connector is the smallest one in the world currently. The most ordinary usage is SC-type connector for the foundation, its was developed by NTT by using 1.25mm diameter of the sleeve and the self-holding institutions, its advantage lies in its ability to achieve high-density mounting. Using the MU's l.25mm diameter casing, NTT has developed a series of the MU connector. They have a series of MU connectors for a cable connected to the socket-type optical connector (MU-A series), a self-holding bodies of the backplane connector (MU-B series), and connecting the LD / PD module and plugs simplified socket (MU-SR series). With the rapid development of the fiber-optic network, MU connector will grow rapidly in the future.

With the continuous development of optical fiber communication technology, especially the development of high-speed local area network and optical access network, the usage of fiber optic connectors in the fiber-optic system will be more extensive. Also, higher requirements on the fiber optic connectors, its main development direction: the appearance of miniaturization, low-cost technology, and the performance requirements are getting higher and higher. Within the period of time in the future, the newly developed optical fiber connector along with traditional FC, SC connector to form a pattern of "all show director, each has been used".