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How do you decide when to use OM4 fiber

Author : Date : 12/26/2012 11:20:48 PM

 How do you decide when to use OM4 fiber?
Under normal circumstances, the multi-mode fiber is the most economical solution if be sued to 600m indoor communication channel connection. The following ways can be used to analyze the cost of the entire link:

For a typical link, fiber optic transceiver costs is about ten times that of the optical fiber connection (fiber / cable / optical connector). Although the cost of single-mode fiber is cheaper than multimode fiber, but the use of single-mode fiber should use very expensive 1300nm transceiver.
The cost is 2 -3 times than 850nm multimode fiber transceiver. As a word, a multimode optical fiber system is much lower cost than the single-mode optical fiber system.

Therefore, under the application of the design system, it approach can effectively reduce the system cost and increase the availability of the system. This is what we advocated reducing overall system life cycle cost (TCO). If you can consider increasing the number of wiring initial investment, investment in fiber optic cabling using multimode fiber better as OM4 fiber, can ensure the full utilization of the current multi-mode fiber optic technology (Corning's OM4 fiber is fully backward compatible OM3 fiber) when the system needs to be upgraded to the higher rate of the system, such as 40GbE and 100GbE when the initial investment is still protected, and studies have shown that this migration pattern will be more cost-saving, reducing the overall cost of the current system.