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Optical devices

Author : Date : 1/15/2013 1:34:20 AM
Optical devices can be divided into active devices and passive components two kinds, they all need different kinds of optical communication chip. Active optical device is referred to the photoelectric signal conversion device. Including laser and detector and optical amplifier, laser driver, etc. Optical amplifier, laser driver chip, also known as optical transceiver chip. Active components involved in the chip is mainly laser, detector and drive chip, etc. Optical passive components is refers to the optical communication system has some function without photoelectric conversion function of the device. Passive components including: planar Optical waveguide Optical splitter (PLC splitter), Coupler (Coupler), Optical switch (Optical switch), WDM device (WDM), etc. Based on PLC (Planar Lighwave Circuit, plane waves line or plane optical waveguide) technology of optical devices, PLC splitter is an important part of passive optical device . PLC chip refers to the plane substrate made many Optical line, make its have spectral/close light, Optical Switching (Optical Switching), and other functions, use the chip can make Optical splitter, coupler and Optical passive components.