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Selling 1*N and 2*N fiber plc splitter

Author : Date : 1/4/2013 10:55:12 PM
1*N and 2*N fiber optic PLC splitter 
PLC splitter adopts technology of integrated optics with splattering chip and lithography to make light wave circuit on Si based Silica block or glass block, to realize optical multiple distribution. It is an ideal FTTH access device, main features are as follows. Broad working bandwidth (working band range: 1260nm~1650nm, and the loss is insensitive to wave length ), Stable temperature (working temperature range: -40~85° C) Very few failure volume, vibration and impact resistant, without change of ratio. Small package volume, easy for management and suitable for various occasions. With even splitting ability and Reliable performance. 

Lower polarization loss 
Lower insertion loss 
Higher directivity 
Higher stability and reliability 
Smaller in size 


Telecommunication Networks 
Fiber optic CATV 
Testing Equipment 
FTTX System 
Passive Optical Networks(PON) 
Local Area Networks (LAN) 

1*N and 2*N Fiber plc splitter Specification: 
Configuration 1*2 1*4 1*8 1*16 1*32  and 2*N series
Wavelength 1250~1650 
Insertion Loss (dB) Max. (S/P) 3.6/3.4 7.7/7.5 11.5/11.0 14.5/14.0 18.2/17.5 
Attenuation Max 0.5 0.8 1.0 1.4 1.9 
PDL(dB)Max 0.2dB 0.3dB 
Length of pigtail(m) :Customized 
Fiber type (dB): Customized 
Operation Temp :-20-65degree 
Storage Temp:  -40-85degree