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Single-mode fiber

Author : Date : 12/25/2012 11:37:09 PM
1. Core: 8 µm diameter
2. Cladding: 125 µm dia.
3. Buffer: 250 µm dia.
4. Jacket: 400 µm dia.

Single-mode fiber is the only transmission mode of transmission in the operating wavelength, optical fiber, usually referred to as a single-mode optical fiber. Currently, in the cable and optical communications filed, SMF (SMF=single mode fiber) is the most widely used optical fiber. Because the core of the fiber is very thin (about 10pm), and the refractive index was a step-like distribution, so when Angelica V parameters of frequency <2.4, only the formation of single-mode can transmission in theory. Further, SMF have no multimode dispersion, not only the transmission band wider more multimode fiber, but also adding the offset of the material dispersion and the structure on the SMF dispersion, and its synthesis characteristic exactly zero dispersion characteristics is formed, so that the transmission band is broadened. Because of different dopant, there are many types of the difference of the manufacturing methods for SMF. A depressed cladding optical fiber (DePr-essed Clad Fiber), the cladding layer forming a doublet structure, the cladding layer surrounding the core, and also lower than the refractive index of the outer Daobao layer. In addition, matched cladding fiber, the refractive index of the cladding layer was evenly distributed.