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The fiber had changed the world

Author : Date : 12/24/2012 11:06:26 PM
 One day in 1870, the principle of total reflection of the light of the British physicist Tyndall Lecture Hall, speaking to The Royal Society, he has done a simple experiment: drilling a hole in the barrel filled with water, and then on top of the barrel lights from water illuminated. The results made the audiences surprise. People saw the shine water flow from the small bucket, water bending, and also follow the bending of light, the light actually captured winding water.

It had been found that the energy along the a fine wine streaming ejected from the barrel;, also found that light energy along the curved glass rod. Why is this? Is the light is no longer straight into it? Phenomenon has attracted the attention of the Tyndall after his research found that this is a total reflection of the role that the light from the water toward the air, when the angle of incidence greater than some an angle, the refracted light disappears, all light is reflected back into the water. On the surface, the light seemed to flow bending forward. In fact, in the curved flow, light still travels in straight lines, only on the inner surface of a number of the total reflection; the light through the multiple total reflections propagates forward.

Later, people made a highly transparent, the thickness like spider silk, glass ─ glass fiber, when light is launched into the right angle glass fiber, the light on the advancing along the winding glass fibers. Such fibers can be used to transmit light, so called optical fiber.

Fine optical fiber encapsulated in a plastic sheath, such that it can be bent and thus will not fracture. Fiber uses the principle of total reflection of the light in the glass or plastic fibers to reach light conducting. Typically, the end of the fiber-emitting devices using light emitting diodes (light emitting diode, LED) or a laser light pulse is transmitted to the optical fiber, the other end of the optical fiber of the receiving apparatus using the photosensitive member detection pulse. It originally appeared in the late 19th century, but the actual to the 1970s, was put into use, because time technology to solve the problem of the transmission signal attenuation over long distances.

Fiber use light to transmit information, they are better than traditional cable features: anti-electromagnetic interference, to protect data security, non-conductive, non-sparking, easy installation. The most important thing is that it 100 terabits per second of bandwidth can be done in a very long distance. This prompted a large extent the occurrence of the Internet revolution. In daily life, since the conduction losses of light in the optical fiber conduction loss in the wire are much lower than the electrical, optical fibers are used for long distance transmission of information.

The former presidents of the
ChineseUniversity of Hong Kong, Charles Kao and George A. Hockham proposed optical fiber can be used for communication transmission envisaged; Charles Kao won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2009.