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The main advantages of FTTH

Author : Date : 1/15/2013 5:56:01 PM
The main advantages of FTTH 
First, it is a passive network, from the central office to the user, the intermediate can be done basically passive;
Second, its bandwidth is relatively wide, long-distance fits well with the large-scale use of the operators;
Third, because it is carrying business in the fiber, so nothing;
Fourth, because of its relatively wide bandwidth, supported protocols, is relatively flexible;
Fifth, with the development of technology, including point-to-point, 1.25G and FTTH developed a relatively complete functionality.

The family of optical access, as well as FTTB (Fiber To The Building) fiber to the building, FTTC (Fiber To The Curb) optical fiber to the curb, FTTSA (Fiber To The Service Area) fiber to the service area.Optical fiber directly connected to the user's home, its bandwidth, wavelength and transmission type of technology does not limit, suitable for the introduction of a variety of new business is the best business transparent network, is the ultimate way to access network development.