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multimode fiber

Author : Date : 12/25/2012 11:41:34 PM
multimode fiber development history

OM4 fiber development can be traced back to 20 years ago, in that year, they developed the first root of commercial multimode fiber. Traditionally, the multimode fiber used to meet the requirements of the LAN, storage networking, data center and office building wiring for high transmission bandwidth, while the requirements of low-cost solutions. System compared to single-mode fiber, multimode fiber systems using low-cost optical transceivers, connectors and installation costs can also be lower. However, at this stage, the development of multi-mode fiber supports 10M and 100Mbit / s applications, as well as today's 1G and 10Gbits / s of transmission.

With the increasing demand for higher bandwidth and higher transmission rate, the fiber sector are constantly developing more high-performance, multi-mode fiber. (Light mode the multimode performance levels in accordance with ISO / IEC 11801 standard OM Optical Mode abbreviation) grading:

OM1 multimode optical fiber, the full power injection (OFL) bandwidth of 200/500 _AT_ 850/1300 nm (such an optical fiber is typically a traditional 62.5/125-μm fiber);
OM2 multimode optical fiber, the full power injection (OFL) bandwidth of 500/500 @ 850/1300 nm (such an optical fiber is usually ordinary type 50/125-μm fiber);
OM3 laser optimized multimode fiber, effective modal bandwidth (EMB laser bandwidth) for 2000, mainly used to transmit 10 Gbits / sec rate of the signal.

Now, with the needs of development of network transmission, fiber can support future 40G and 100 Gbits / s transmission. In order to meet the needs of this development, the optical fiber manufacturers began to develop the 50μm multimode fiber-based and capable of higher bandwidth fiber at the same time, the optical fiber can take full advantage of the 850 nm VCSEL laser technology to reduce the overall cost of the active equipment. This is now developed OM4 multimode fiber standards.

OM4 fiber is mainly used to support high-speed Ethernet (Ethernet), Fibre Channel (FC) and fiber optic interconnection (OIF). 10Gbit / s system can transmit 550 meters, so that it can be used for medium-distance campus backbone, building backbone and extraordinary distance. The design of the data center, in a distance of 100 meters, can support higher speed (40G 100Gbits / s Ethernet, 16G and 32Gbits / s Fiber Channel), data transmission requirements. Of course, due to its bandwidth standard 4700 (and twice OM3 Gigabit Fiber), construction and design can have greater redundancy. For example, when applied to 10Gbits / s system, you can give designers more space, allowing more CP connection point link, increasing the design, construction and flexible future moves, adds and changes MACs.